The Parish Churches of Ranworth with Panxworth,
South Walsham, Upton with Fishley and Woodbastwick

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The marriage of Cana

The image portrays the first of the ‘signs’ that Jesus performed (John 2.1-11). It takes place at a simple country wedding in Cana, a village in Galilee not much bigger than Woodbastwick. The window shows Jesus and his mother in conversation at the wedding breakfast; the bride and groom are in the near distance sharing a ‘loving cup’. A strange incident is taking place in the foreground right in front of us but hidden from the view of the other guests. A servant is pouring water into a large stone jar. If you look closely at the water, you will see that it is turning into wine in mid flow. The miracle takes place before our very eyes. The story illustrates that God is at work in the mission of Jesus. The divine can be apprehended even in the middle of a domestic crisis.

Stained glass of the marriage of Cana

The wedding is a symbol of the new relationship between God and his people achieved through the presence of this ‘hidden Messiah’. Those with their eyes open will recognise that God’s renewing and intoxicating grace is flooding through his son Jesus Christ. A new era has dawned. The best wine is kept until now.