The Parish Churches of Ranworth with Panxworth,
South Walsham, Upton with Fishley and Woodbastwick

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Why go to Church?

Some people go to Church because they were brought up this way and they have never stopped. Others, because they have made a conscious decision to start belonging to a Church. They all have in common a belonging to a family. Good and deep friendships are made in the Church, the kind of friendships that transform lives.

But people don’t just go to Church to meet other people. They go to Church to feel close to God. Going to Church develops a relationship with God through prayer and praise and being with other Christians. People that go to Church find out about what God has promised, especially about Jesus Christ and how important these promises are in the world. Going to Church is a voyage of discovery that can and does change lives.

Millions of people go to Church every week so they can be with others they trust, so they can find out more about God and discover more about themselves and what their journey through life means. You too could belong to a Church. Why not give it a try? You could be making one of the most important decisions of your life.

St Paul from one of the windows in Woodbastwick Church - click for larger image

St Paul from one of the windows in Woodbastwick Church