The Parish Churches of Ranworth with Panxworth,
South Walsham, Upton with Fishley and Woodbastwick

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Christianity began as a movement within Judaism that believed that Jesus Christ was the Messiah predicted in the Old Testament. Christians or followers of Christ, felt free from old restraints and began to worship God in a new and much more open way. Their worship was centred on a meal and Christians still commemorate the last meal, or ‘Last Supper’ that Jesus had with his disciples praying that they themselves may become his living representatives in the world. Holy Communion, also called the Eucharist or the Mass, is still the main service in Christian worship although our services also include Family Worship, Morning Prayer, special services for Easter, Christmas and other festivals on the church calendar when we enjoy festive music and the choir and of course, baptisms, weddings and funerals.

The Last Supper window, St Mary’s Church, South Walsham

The Last Supper window, St Mary’s Church, South Walsham

Millions of people go to Church every week many more than attend football matches or belong to all the political parties added together. In Church are found young people, older people, mums and dads, teenagers, grandparents and babies giving one of the most diverse cross sections in society today. Managing directors, students, pensioners, job seekers, celebrities, the homeless and doctors. People without any problems and people with lots of problems – all these feel comfortable worshipping God in the company of others. People with nothing in common, except that they all go to Church. But, why go to church?